Lee York

Sometimes I feel like I was born with a paint brush in my hand. I always loved art and would create wonderful things as a child. I wanted to go to art school upon my graduation from high school but my father didn’t want a “starving artist” around the house so I had to choose something that I could “make money at.” So here I am three Master’s degrees later finally, after retirement, doing what I always yearned to do. I have to admit that dad was right since I now have both the time and the money to explore art and really enjoy it. 

During my working years I found a wonderful teacher and started out working in folk art which was great fun. It also gave me a grounding in color theory, brush control and the basics of painting.  As I gained experience, two colleagues and I started the Decorative Arts Studio in Glens Falls, NY and taught folk art classes in the evenings.  When I relocated to Albany for a job, I began to take classes and learn the skills required for fine art. I worked primarily in oils originally. I have had the luxury of trying many mediums and now focus on acrylics and pastel.

My art journey has brought me in contact with many wonderful people who have become friends and mentors. It is such a joy to share what you love with others. I am truly grateful for what perusing artistic expression has brought to my life.

Starry night, acrylic

The night gathering, acrylic

(colored pencil)