Trudi Jacobson

My explorations in art started fairly recently. I first delved into artist trading cards and then became fascinated with artist's books after seeing some at a book fair in Northampton, MA in late 2021. These books can take a variety of exciting forms, and the content can be solely graphic or can include text as well. Mine are all editions of one, and other than a series of tales chronicling the adventures of Owl, they are unique pieces based on deliberations of how form and content might enhance one another.

I have begun to explore watercolor, and most recently, pastel. I take classes in both media with Theresa Somaio, and have also learned a great deal from a series of personalized sessions with Eden Compton.

For more examples of my work, please go to the Art Gallery on my website.

Fish ATCs, mixed media

Mixed media artist's book, primarily alcohol ink

Two cabbages, pastel

Rooster, pastel

Vase on velvets, pastel

Still life with lemons and peach, pastel

Sunflower with blue background, watercolor

Sunflowers with pears, pastel